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New author website!

Please check out my personal website, http://www.authorwithadream.com. A unique birthday gift from my husband that I’m excited to share. It’s about time I had something out there.

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Third Book? Third book.

It’s been almost a full year since I posted a blog. I think the reasons I gave up were not very good ones: Lazy (maybe), my previous books not having a lot of traffic (possibly) and also, no one reads my blog (assuming). But just in case anyone does, I thought it was a good time to share that 2016’s period of anxiety driven writing is here. AKA The Third Book.

When I published my first book I felt as if I were pregnant for the the first time. The initial months of creating and eventually completing can never be repeated again. The second book was like having my second child. Love, love, love it but you can’t have the exact same book pregnancy twice. And for the sequel to the first, I felt much less anxious and much more in control. So the siblings were birthed, shared with the world and now are growing side by side, and will always be my babies.

Then came the day that I got the urge. The itch or desire or whatever you might call it. I met two goals I’ve had my whole life, back to back. Do I really think I can do it again? I’m getting old. It’s always been there, the back of the brain nudge. Writing and publishing is like a drug and since I’ve never done drugs I’ll just pretend it’s like crack. Once you start it’s very hard to never relapse. I can’t just let it go. So after a couple of years of debating, I’m taking the plunge again. I hope it’s worth it.

While writing YA fiction was fun and sentimental and relatable in a fantasy boy and girl sort of way, this time around I’m gonna (it’s ok to use gonna) be a grownup. I’m taking a chance and I’m excited and filled with all these ideas and places I can take the story that I couldn’t with teens. (Translation: some bad words and other normal human behavior). I want to write a mystery since I love them. I want to write a complicated adult instead of a complicated teenager. I can take the plot in different directions that I can’t with a YA book. And since my previous books never interested one single agent, ah, maybe this one will. One can dream . . . .

It took me awhile to figure it out. Take a bad word out, put it in, make him 17, make him 25. Use big words you have to look up, use simpler words you don’t. In the end, I finally made the decision to take a risk. I’m pretty psyched about it if I can get rid of the stalled script in my head. Only a dedicated writer would take almost an hour perfecting the blurb alone. Which isn’t even important right now.

I was afraid of what people might think if my character uses the F bomb here or there.  Or if his mind goes in the gutter sometimes, or if he just isn’t a nice person. But I am a nice person, and a loving wife and mother and daughter. I’m real and characters aren’t and if some of the most religious people I know enjoy risqué movies and books, then why would I even be concerned? Unfortunately, in today’s times, films and books that have grit and sex sell the most. Thankfully, I’m not a trend follower.

So Third Book is gonna be painfully slow, depending on how much time I can squeeze in. I just have to get this main character out of my head and into the computer. I’ll try to be a much better blogger too, even if it means I only type to hear the little clicky sound. It counts as daily computer usage.

Enjoy this beautiful, colorful Autumn Christmas  (seriously, stores)?? and count your blessings.



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Free promotion 

A Halo Sun, the sequel to The Sharing Moon will be available for free during a five day Kindle promotion.


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Free read!

For a limited five day promotion, The Sharing Moon will be available for free via Kindle beginning December 28th. Check it out!

The Sharing Moon

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It’s that time again

Source: It’s that time again


It’s that time again

Here it is. The time of year that makes me sentimental. Not just because of the thanksgiving feast later today but because three years ago this month, the best times of my life began again. It wasn’t bad turning 40. It was awesome to start a brand new job that to this day is the best I’ve ever had. It was fabulous to see my son thriving in second grade with no phone calls from the teacher. But even above all that, it was the first time I began to use my creativity as a gift. I began to put together my first book. So November isn’t just about blessings and love and gratitude in my soul. It’s also about what God gave me: the will to believe in myself and bring a story and people to life. An incredible power He has over us. And I can’t thank Him enough.

When the theme of my first book was born it was going to be based on a true to life struggle of a girl who didn’t cope very well about her depressive disorder. Insert me  . Then by some gentle nudge from my heart the fantasy plot started to form in my head and voila! I was suddenly cranking out this beautiful mangled mess of two teens’ lives, and my world became another. I can’t imagine any drug out there replacing the feeling of writer’s euphoria. It’s amazing, when the words come from the buried places inside of you that only you can explain to yourself, on paper. Nothing could’ve been better for me.

I love to reminisce about that time in my life. Depression was put on hold.  My fantastic job came along. I turned forty and was told I looked like I was in my twenties more than when I was actually in my twenties. It isn’t a brag at all. I think when you are molding something in your life, you become physically younger. But word of advice…Refer to my blog entry about sunscreen last summer. That’s my little secret. That’s all folks.

Writing and being consumed was an added bonus. I got even more inspired to write after reading that dang Fifty Shades book. I vowed not to ever write like that. I vowed to follow the example of gifted writing like Lauren Oliver. I read her entire trilogy in a couple days. I read the single Shades book within a couple weeks. Lots of times on the toilet too. A: it was well deserving, and B: I was able to pee for many years, a time clearly for just me, even when one of the kids called for me on the other side of the door. How long does it take to pee Mama? When are you coming out? The list goes on.  I was so perplexed at that lovely book (sarcastic tone here) that reading in the bathroom was the most deserving place. But Lauren Oliver deserved my bed. A cozy one too.

The holidays were wonderful for my family that year. Everything was brighter and more meaningful and more blessed and I felt so happy for myself. Forget the commercial part of it. The knowledge I’d finish that book was the best gift under that tree. So November’s Thanksgiving back then made me so grateful for my family, home and brain, that it’s been hard to replace those creative, sometimes reclusive months back then. I suppose I will. Maybe when I dust off my laptop.

I like to replay that time in my life whenever a song comes on from then, or when I spot a location I’d used, or even when I’d watch teenagers in a non-creepy fashion to learn more about my characters’ movements and laughs and seriousness. I really wasn’t a stalker. Let’s make that clear. I was a plot paparazzi. Without the camera or the psychotic chasing.

So as I settle into this Thanksgiving, I will try to focus on 2015, not 2012. I am so blessed. It’s hard though, to keep my head on fast forward and not reverse.

I will do my best to keep up on my blog.  Since there’s hundreds of thousands of people who read it. Okay, two. Possibly my mom and possibly my husband.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and share the love. This time of year is the perfect time to do so. Don’t dwell on those first writer’s euphoric months like me. And read Delirium.





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Scents of Summer


It’s that time of year…the time where I savor the summer songs on the radio, charcoal drifting around the neighborhood, the sound of gulls on the beach, getting out my swimsuit and most importantly, the scent of sunscreen. Not suntan lotion. Sunscreen. I have an obsession with the smell. When I open it I close my eyes and stars dance around. I would like to bottle it up as an all purpose product. Sunscreen smelling cleanser, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent, cologne, diaper cream, weed killer, air freshener, engine oil…I could go on and on and on. I can only imagine life like that. The sun would shine brighter. Money would grow on trees. Taylor Swift would write a happy song. My book would make it big. How can anyone deny such a magical odor? How can anyone pass by the shelves of sunscreen in January and not open the tops and sniff. (Yes, I do sometimes). I like to pretend it’s June and I’m surrounded by Banana Boat wearing Wal-Mart shoppers. Forget the Calvin Klein Obsession! This is the Coppertone obsession! Guarantee yourself a mega social life and the miracle of your soul mate walking into Qdoba clad in a shirt that proudly boasts the Bull Frog logo.

I promote skin safety. Sunburn free. No lobster look. No going ewww at the person in line whose skin is peeling. Buy your sunscreen by the buckets and slather it everywhere. Not because of the addictive smell you see. But just for safety of course. Yeah, definitely.

I love the scent of the lotion on my kids’ skin when I cover them in 5000 SPF protection. I love the clear spray kind that doesn’t leave white gunk all over. I love that summer just isn’t summer without titanium dioxide. Oh baby, just the sound of it gets me going–to the bathroom to make sure we have a bunch of it. And hey, I’m not high maintenance. Generic brands are awesome too. NO-AD plug here. I bet A LOT of brainstorming went on in that marketing session.

I can’t wait for the season to kick in. I can’t wait to apply as directed every two hours and after swimming. Gah! I hope that you, too, can embrace your sunblock. And if you prefer that oily, cancer magnet coconut stuff, well, then you’re not my friend anymore.

Happy humidity,


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