First time author, first time blogger

This is a whole new ball game for a woman who simply said, “One day I’ll finish a book that I’ve always wanted to write.” It’s amazing how the concoction of unemployment and a tad of depression thrown in can produce a piece of work (well, 317 pages to be exact) that I can now offer to readers everywhere.

Why did I choose the topic I did or the genre I did? Well, having my own bout of depression at one point in my life inspired me to write about a character who dealt with the illness from an outside point of view. We hear all about those that suffer depression or mental despair but not much about those who live beside them and ride the roller coaster as well.  Choosing teens for my story was interesting for me since I could create a fantasy type aspect along with the reality of emotional issues that invade an already fragile world of teen angst. We all love to read about love and its many struggles whether someone is seventeen or seventy. So I wove a tale that I hope will touch someone, somewhere, and perhaps shed a unique light on how faith can test us, yet provide the ability to believe in ourselves and others too.

Many, many blessings to those who live with a mental illness and I hand a giant gift of courage to all of you.

2 comments on “First time author, first time blogger

  1. How do I “like” this = it says I have to log in – also, how do I add a rating on Goodreads?

  2. You have to join WordPress. If you’re not a blogger, don’t bother. As for Goodreads, there’s a spot with the book that allows you to choose the number of stars. It should be beneath the book title when you click on it. Thanks Mom : )

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