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Cheating on Book One

Well, I’m halfway through my second book, the follow-up to The Sharing Moon. I feel really bad though. I’m working on it less than I did the first and I can’t stop thinking about my first whenever I’m writing the second! I find myself drifting . . . I think about my first guy when I should think of my second. I never knew how sentimental it would be to write two young men, totally opposite of each other.

To break it down, I have the nice guy and the damaged guy. The damaged guys always sell the books. I see it and know it but I still wrote one with a good guy anyway. And I love him. But now I’m kind of feeling it for my second guy. He’s not so bad after all is said and done. Is he? I won’t tell. But I’m having fun changing everything from emotionally haunting and romantic to raw and dark. I find it disturbing that bad guys are redeemed in books even when they’re really, really, bad. Not quite JD in Heathers, but sometimes close. I couldn’t go that far. But hopefully he’ll win some hearts or some fantasies or something, my second guy. And I am NOT putting a shirtless model on the cover, just as a FYI. I’d rather dress him as a mummy before I’ll do that.

The girls are complete opposites as well. One is depressed and trying to claw her way back to a normal life and handle first love at the same time. The other is kind of fiery but has her own issues. She’s much stronger though. It’s much easier to think about the guys than the girls with both books, so it proves I really am a low down, dirty cheater. But I just can’t ever, ever forget about Elijah.

As a new writer, (well in this decade), I am excited to see everyone’s work and I devour books similar to mine and not even close to mine. I always wonder how the authors write trilogies. Don’t they get all misty eyed when they close the book on one character to bring another front and center? (Delirum, cough cough). I do know this–I’m all done with the young adult genre for a while, after these two because I feel the urge to delve into a broader range. With YA, I find it pretty much a pattern to have dystopian societies, love at first sight, bad boys with tattoos and vampires and lots of other supernatural high school creatures. Mine doesn’t really fit into those so I see that most of my readers according to stats are 25-42 years old. Everyone wants to be back in high school again, eh?  But I’m a sucker for them too. In adult novels, you can take any premise you want, have the characters act as crazy as you want them to, they can cuss like sailors and have, like, well, COFFEE together, A LOT. So although I loved writing about teens, I’m not sure if I’ll do it next. I might try the big girl stuff and see how it goes. I can always revert back to my teenage dreams and I’m sure I will. But hopefully I’ll have my day job by then and writing will become just my insomnia buddy. Why I can come up with the best ideas when I’m punch drunk exhausted, I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll ask Kay Redfield some day. I’ll save Kay for another blog because she is absolutely amazing and deserves her own page.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza and everything else in between. Be good, be fun and remember to count your blessings. We all have them. even when we don’t think we do.


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