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Resurrected Blog and David Beckham. Huh?

Well….here I am. So what’s so important that’s kept me from writing? Absolutely nothing. I’m just lazy. First, my personal deadline for Book Two was January first. Then February first. But aside from book talk, there’s a reason David Beckham is in this title. A new topic has emerged in my mind after reading a random blog online by a guy I don’t know from Adam. He’s young and all that, but his blog was so interesting and entertaining that I had to click on his Twitter link and tell him so. BUT, his topic was one that just happened to be somewhat like mine. In fact, I thought about his viewpoint often. It was funny but truthful.

I think if you ask any female on the planet, Beckham is one of the hottest, most beautiful men alive. Women use two terms, but together. Hot and beautiful. Cute is included in the hot category. Sexy is included in the hot category. Handsome falls along the lines of beauty but nobody uses that term unless it’s a royal prince. So does gorgeous. But gorgeous is hot also. Pretty is beauty, they call boys that for a reason. Which is why I included D.B in my little science project. It’s all for science, baby!

Being beautiful for a man is seeing that he has a caring, humanitarian side. David Beckham supports about 1,000 charities. Ok, maybe like, ten. But all of the regular guys can at least make a drop to Goodwill once a month. Beauty is seeing him eye a woman because she is doing something classy, looks put together and he tells a friend, “I’m going to marry that girl.” (This is what Beckham said about Posh. I mean, Victoria). Beauty is becoming a husband and father and looking hot while doing so. If they post one more picture of David Beckham on the kiss cam with his daughter I just might swoon. Being beautiful is bringing your mom to a major awards show. Leonardo Dicaprio and Jared Leto: great job! But they aren’t part of this blog. Neither is Zac Efron. Dammit! He always butts into my blog. That boy doesn’t have to do anything, really. I’m so ashamed.

Hotness is that kind of smoldering, flirty, look. You are definitely hot. (H&M, H&M) But beautiful too. If you’re a husband or dad, bonus points that you pull it all off. Example: My husband. Second example: David Beckham. Third example: Jared Leto. He gets two mentions because one day, he’s going to be a husband and father, I’m sure of it.

I understand how a guy sees this. This is my guy brain… Hot: Sex. Beautiful: Respect. Pretty: Let’s have a latte! Cute: Puppies and kittens. So I might be wrong, but I did ask one girlfriend and she agreed with me. But I began to check out women differently. The ones that appeared ‘hot’ were kind of loud, lots of make-up and dressed, well… but they were beautiful too. The ‘beautiful’ ones wore little makeup, looked put together and exuded confidence. Yet they were sexy too. The ‘pretty’ ones seemed beautiful to me. And the ‘cute’ ones were all under fifteen but pretty. This probably makes no sense to a guy.

So in a female’s world of physical attractiveness, men are all the same terms, not one or the other. Apparently in a guy’s world you might not be beautiful but you’re hot and sexy. That is just so…funky. However, once you get past the awkward conversation or unmentionable visualizations, women are all of those terms together too. And the entire goal at some point, of course, is to look beyond a face or a body and see the heart and soul of a human being. Of course! 

So you can agree with me or not agree with me, I really don’t care. Well, actually I do. I need more visitors.

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